Summit Healthcare Services brings together the various disciplines that traditionally stood alone into a holistic solution to care for our aging population.  


We offer Transitional Care Management in which we evaluate the person as a whole.  Then through aggregation of our services, the Summit team effectively supports aging in place.


The specialization of our care management coupled with our level of expertise ultimately avoids hospital readmissions and extensive time spent in skilled health facilities.


Each community we partner with is assigned a dedicated team who establishes the Summit Center for Living Well.  Our center covers all six areas: Living Well, Private Care, Rehab Therapy, Home Health, Palliative and Hospice Care. 


Summit Center for Living Well


Our communities enjoy Summit's holistic approach to care for each resident through our Summit Center for Living Well.



       "We empower others to choose to live well by creating opportunities for people to strengthen the tools to make that choice. A holistic approach considers the whole person and how that person interacts with others and the environment around. This approach emphasizes the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. The goal in taking this approach is to maximize our well-being, where everything is functioning in the best way possible. It is our mission to empower others to accept responsibility for their own level of well-being and to make everyday choices that better their mind, body, and spirit."

Lindsay Hyzer, Director of Living Well




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"I just wanted to say that Summit has a great understanding of this concept.  With their care elements of wellness, home health nursing and therapies, Med B therapies, palliative and hospice care onsite, continuity of care is so much better than dealing with independent agencies for services.  I hope their strength is something that may be helpful to your communities."

"We have worked closely on a project to grow and promote the services we currently offer and have appreciated their efforts.

Cole M - Friendship Village

“Their skilled and knowledgeable team provided recommendations and services to improve our operations and profitability.  Summit immediately increased the level of service we were accustomed to and provided an exuberant staff to meet our needs."

Laurie S - Vista Del Monte

Dina C - Royal Oaks 

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