Summit Living Well

There's more than you think to Living Well


Goals: Keep them independent, build confidence in ability, creating community- emphasize team work


  1. Assessments

  2. Personalized progressive programs in group and individual setting

  3. Dynamic Programs

  • Brain Training Workshops

  • Neuro Fit Classes

  • Health and Fitness Series


Our Living Well Program focuses on a whole person health, fitness and wellness approach. Taking the traditional “fitness center” and defining the community as a center of well being. By implemented a comprehensive wellness program that integrates each of the six dimensions of wellness.  Our primary focus being the brain body connection- bringing awareness to the brain of where and how the body is moving.

We provide healthy living programs because wellness in spirit, mind, and body strengthens our very being and enhances our interactions with others. Its not about big gains its about developing better habits over time. Our Living Well programs focus on a whole person health and fitness approach ensuring you go home with a new sense of knowledge and accomplishments. 

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